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CES 2024 sleep-tech trends...sleep monitoring and sleep wellness devices continue to roll out

Nearly 30 sleep-tech products on display Jan. 9-12 in Las Vegas...rings, hairbands, masks, eye patches, and other wearable trends.
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[MedigateNews] At the CES 2024, the world's largest IT exhibition held in Las Vegas from January 9 to 12, various products and technologies related to sleep were unveiled. Sleep tech products can be summarized as devices for monitoring sleep states and wellness gadgets that aid in sleep health. In addition to traditional mattresses, pillows, and lighting, there is a consistent trend of products integrating artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Unlike previous years when CES operated a separate Sleep Tech section, the interest in AI was so high that overall interest in the Sleep Tech keyword seemed to have diminished. However, upon checking around 30 exhibited Sleep Tech-related products, a variety of wearable devices for sleep health, including rings, headbands, masks, and eye masks, were prominently featured.
Amira Health Terra System to monitor hot flashes

Amira Health Inc. introduced the 'Terra Sleep' system, which monitors facial flushing. The Terra system includes a smart bracelet, rapid cooling mattress, and an app. It specifically helps alleviate sleep disorders caused by the heat sensation experienced by menopausal women.

The Terra smart bracelet uses various sensors to predict facial flushing during sleep. When facial flushing is predicted, the Terra rapid cooling mattress is activated within seconds to provide a comfortable sleep environment.
 Digital healthcare smart mattress 'SleepinBody i4' using AI-based IoT system

ANSSil from Korea unveiled the new model of digital healthcare mattress, 'Sleepinbody i4.' Sleepinbody i4 is a smart mattress that utilizes AI-based IoT systems.

Connected to the IoT controller in the String Supporter, Sleepinbody i4 collects and analyzes user's sleep information such as sleep time, posture, sleep stages, etc., through the pressure sensor and smart scale. The information is then used to provide users with the optimal sleep environment and sleep solutions, with daily reports accessible through the app.
"Benzamin", a high-end AI sleep brand

Brlab Inc. presented the 'Benjamin' brand, an AI sleep solution brand for user optimization. Benjamin AI Sleep-Controller M1, incorporating synchronized heart rate technology, was also unveiled. It features an in-house developed sleep data analysis system, monitoring and controlling sleep states through a dedicated mobile app.

AI sleep data machine learning technology, based on the analysis of the user's physical and mental state, improves the overall user's sleep state through synchronized heart rate functionality. Key features include strengthening deep sleep, optimizing conditions at waking time, and detecting snoring during sleep.

Cellatti Limited has launched the CELLATTI app, a software that works with smartwatches to collect, analyze, and record users' exercise data, health, and sleep. It is a software that works with the smartwatch to collect and analyze the user's exercise and health data and record sleep. It also supports real-time activity analysis and heart rate, oxygen saturation, and temperature monitoring.

It clearly displays your daily sleep and wake times, total sleep time, deep sleep time, light sleep time, and REM time. Intuitively calculate the percentage of deep and light sleep in total sleep time.
DeRuCCI smart mattress

DeRuCCI Healthy Sleep Co.,Ltd. introduced the 'T11 Pro' smart mattress, utilizing IoT technology. Equipped with 23 AI sensors tracking user's temperature, heart rate, and subtle health changes, along with 18 air support devices responding to user's position and body movement, the mattress instantly adjusts bed firmness, height, shape, and temperature to enhance user's sleep quality.

A chest patch that attaches to your chest and mattress gear that attaches to your mattress.

LuxNine showcased the digital healthcare solution 'Bodylog.' Bodylog consists of a chest patch for activity analysis and a mattress gear for monitoring sleep. It provides real-time analysis of user's position, electrocardiogram, and sleep state, detecting safety accidents such as falls and sending alerts to medical professionals and caregivers.
Sleep appliance Motionsleep

10minds introduced the sleep gadget 'Motionsleep.' Motionsleep includes an AI smart pillow system called 'Motion Pillow System' and sleep monitoring 'Motion Ring.' Motion Ring measures real-time sleep status, transmitting the data to the Motion System.

The Motion Pillow System adjusts the head position of those who snore during sleep based on the received information, increasing oxygen saturation and relieving snoring.
 Sleep-promoting drink COZA Sleep

RomanSive presented the sleep beverage 'COZA SLEEP.' COZA SLEEP is a sleep-promoting beverage that does not contain melatonin, using natural ingredients to support the body in naturally producing melatonin. It includes patented fermented jujube seed extract developed in collaboration with Seoul National University, along with ingredients like jujube seeds, hops, theanine, and tryptophan to promote sleep.
SLEE-PASS solution system

DreamLAB introduced the sleep solution 'SLEE-PASS,' consisting of a smart ring for sleep stage measurement and an AI app for maintaining healthy sleep. The Sleep Pass Ring collects data for accurate sleep stage measurement. The measured data is transmitted to Sleep Pass AI, which analyzes sleep cycles and outputs frequencies to help users fall asleep at the most comfortable time.
Bone conduction headsets and apps to improve sleep
Eearable Neuroscience unveiled the AI-based wearable 'FRENZ Brainband' and the mobile app 'FRENZ AI Sleep Science.' FRENZ Brainband is designed to improve sleep quality and enhance concentration by tracking brain activity in real-time using science-based audio.
 Ganance Heir under the watch

GANANCE introduced the modular health tracking device 'GANANCE HEIR,' transforming any watch into a smartwatch. Equipped with sensors for tracking key health metrics like activity and sleep, this slim 3mm-sized module is attached under the wristwatch for continuous monitoring.
Anti-snoring wearable device using photobiomodulation

GBL-BIOTECH Pty Ltd presented 'Silent Light,' a wearable device addressing the root cause of snoring using photobiomodulation (PBM). This device stimulates nerves and controls the upper airway, assisting users in resolving snoring and achieving sound sleep.
Calmstone activates the parasympathetic nervous system

HealthyTech introduced 'Calmstone,' designed to improve blood circulation and activate the parasympathetic nervous system. Calmstone utilizes an infrared bio-sensor to measure skin temperature, providing feedback on relaxation and effective breathing techniques before bedtime.

Budizzz, a white noise device for kids' sleep

MyBudizzz renewed its white noise device 'Budizzz' for sleep. Budizzz features an internal sound system that mimics the sound of a mother's womb, making it easy for newborns to fall asleep.
 Sleep sound device myWave

MyWaves Technologies Ltd introduced the 'myWave' sleep sound device, converting brainwaves into enhancing sounds for sleep. The transformed sound sequences promote relaxation and tranquility, aiding in faster and longer sleep.
Personalized health tracker to understand how your lifestyle impacts your health

NOWATCH unveiled a customized health tracking device understanding the impact of lifestyle on health. NOWATCH measures stress, sleep, and activity, providing in-depth reports on sleep patterns, including shallow sleep, deep sleep, and REM sleep.

Sleep masks that block out light and noise and promote deeper sleep

OMSLEEP introduced 'Om Mask' to enhance deep sleep. Om Mask blocks light, applies pressure without discomfort, and blocks noise to provide an optimal sleep environment.
Sleep monitoring and coaching device TipTraQ

Sleep monitoring and coaching device TipTraQPranaQ showcased the wearable device 'TipTraQ' for detecting sleep apnea, offering personalized sleep coaching programs based on AI technology and analysis of user-specific sleep patterns.
Smart mattress topper

Rezet Technologies Inc. introduced an intelligent recovery mattress topper equipped with a Ballistocardiography (BCG) sensor. This topper detects sleep-related indicators, including heart rate, breathing, and HRV, analyzing the user's sleep pattern and helping improve sleep quality. It also includes smart temperature control and lumbar massage features.
White noise

Anniusmart presented a white noise machine for sleep, specializing in white noise machines, morning call alarms, and SAD light lamps for sleep and healthy living solutions.
White noise

Dreamegg showcased a white noise machine to improve sleep quality, offering natural sounds like birds, the sea, and thunder, suitable for both children and adults to sleep comfortably.
Sensors and programs to monitor your heart rate

Singular Wings introduced the 'Beatinfo' service, featuring a device with sensors monitoring physiological conditions such as heart rate and blood glucose. It analyzes heart activity during sleep to enhance the user's sleep quality.
Sleep-enhancing wearables with photobiomodulation technology

TEDi MEDi presented a wearable device incorporating photobiomodulation technology to improve sleep. Using near-infrared light, it stimulates ATP production, promoting the breakdown of adenosine and enhancing sleep quality by increasing sleep pressure in the brain.
Stress relief neckbands to help with

PULSETTO unveiled a wearable device utilizing neuromodulation to stimulate the vagus nerve, triggering the release of neurotransmitters in the brain. Effective for reducing stress and anxiety, it helps achieve sound sleep.
Ultrahuman Healthcare Private Limited introduced 'Ultrahuman

Ring AIR,' equipped with a PPG sensor to monitor health indicators like heart rate and blood oxygen levels. It provides sleep-related statistics using the collected information.

Anti-snoring, sleep apnea monitor device

SNORE CIRCLE presented snoring prevention and sleep aid products, including electronic muscle stimulators, masks, and earsets. These products emit fine stimuli from 10 to 60Hz to regulate the user's breathing.
Devices to manage sleep issues

Wesper introduced a patch for sleep management programs. The patch-shaped device records sleep-related issues such as sleep apnea for future use in sleep management programs.
Pet sleep care products

World Home Dr. co. ltd introduced 'Doctor Friend Puppy,' a pet sleep care product under the Dr.Friend brand. Doctor Friend Puppy incorporates grounding technology to create an effective and stable sleep environment, promoting preventive health.

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