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Kakao Healthcare Launches 'Pasta': "Supporting Sustainable Blood Sugar Management"

Kakao Healthcare CEO Hwang Hee.

CEO Hwang Hee stated, "Real-time blood sugar data-based personalized services... Saving socio-economic costs."

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[Medigatenews] "Even if doctors advise patients not to eat certain foods, they often don't listen. Pasta aims to provide sustainable coaching and advice by customizing healthy living and eating habits, thus reducing blood sugar fluctuations or minimizing increases."
CEO Hwang Hee stated, "Real-time blood sugar data-based personalized services... Saving socio-economic costs." announced this during a press conference for the launch of 'Pasta' held at Kakao Healthcare headquarters in Bundang-gu, Seongnam City, on the 1st. Pasta is an AI-based mobile blood sugar management service targeting diabetes patients and pre-diabetes patients.
The name "Pasta," combining the first letters of words such as Personalized, Accessible, Supportive, Tech-enabled, and Affordable, signifies that, like pasta, which can have various shapes and ingredients, blood sugar responses can vary from person to person even when consuming the same food.
Pasta is integrated with two CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitoring) sensors, including Dexcom's 'G7' and I Sense's 'Care Sense Air,' allowing users to check real-time blood sugar data through the Pasta app. This feature enables users to intuitively understand how their blood sugar changes according to their daily habits such as meals and exercise.
Analyzing data from CGM usage periods, Pasta summarizes various metrics such as blood sugar volatility, Glucose Management Indicator (GMI), percentage within target range, average blood sugar, and blood sugar highlights, providing related reports.
Additionally, Pasta includes features such as real-time sharing of blood sugar information with family and friends for support, a community where users can communicate by blood sugar management type, and customized content related to blood sugar management.
CEO Hwang expressed optimism that not only will Pasta assist patients but it will also contribute significantly to the socio-economic aspect. Currently, diabetes patients find it challenging to manage their blood sugar outside of doctor visits. Pasta aims to aid them in this aspect.
As of last year, there were 6 million diabetes patients in South Korea, with 15 million pre-diabetic individuals (based on 2020 data), and annual costs for diabetes patient treatments amounted to 3.2 trillion won (as of 2021).
CEO Hwang remarked, "Over the past decade, significant expenses have been incurred on diabetes medication, yielding minimal results. This underscores the importance of lifestyle habits. However, there will inevitably be disparities based on individual income and educational levels."
He added, "Apart from the 3 minutes patients spend with doctors during consultations, the rest of the time, patients must manage on their own. Pasta aims to provide assistance whenever and wherever patients need it throughout their lives."
CEO Hwang emphasized that in South Korea, Pasta does not charge separate usage fees for G7 and Care Sense Air purchasers.
Kakao Healthcare also introduced 'Pasta Connect Pro,' a professional dashboard that supports doctors in accessing and utilizing blood sugar information collected from Pasta app users for medical purposes.
CEO Hwang explained, "Even in situations where doctors have only 3 minutes for consultations, they can access standardized data collected from patients at a glance, aiding in better understanding."
Kakao Healthcare plans to expand Pasta's user base to include obesity and hypertension patients in the future and is also considering entering overseas markets such as Japan and the United States. In these markets, subscription models are being considered unlike in South Korea.
CEO Hwang stated, "We aim to develop services that positively impact the overall prevalence and outcomes of chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and hyperlipidemia. Pasta will continuously evolve, not just limited to diabetes."
He added, "Japan will be our first overseas market. We plan to complete preparations for entry into Japan within this year and subsequently aim to enter North America and the Middle East."

by Min-sik Park

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